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Spam In A Can: A Love Story

Many people have yet to try this freakish godsend of Spam in a can. Just the mere mention of the word Spam to some people will bring on an over exaggerated mimicking of the vomiting process. My husband is one of those people. To some I say, don’t knock it ’till you try it, and … Continue reading

What Up Gangsta

WORD!   I came across this picture that my older brother took of me when I was around 9 or 10 years old.  I had an overwhelming, bizarre desire to share it. No, I was not in a gang and yes I am holding a very large knife. No wonder I had some issues as … Continue reading

A Household Knocked On Their Ass

The best thing about the Thanksgiving holiday are the leftovers. The weeks worth of fabulous real meat sandwiches and grand full plate dinners. This year, my household had a weeks worth of a nasty stomach flu. When I should have been putting together creative new ways to present the same food items to my picky … Continue reading

Craigslist Buffoonery

Currently I’m selling a few household items on Craigslist for extra cash with the bonus of knowing I’m not attached to all of my possessions like a hoarder. This runs in the family so I like to check on myself from time to time. I’m good. Anyways, even when I’m not using it as an … Continue reading

Top Things That Make Me Aggro This Week

I feel another list coming on…in no particular order 1. The wind machine the television show Xfactor annoyingly uses during almost every performance. Even on the guys for Christ sakes! You do not have the “Xfactor” just because you can tolerate artificial wind in your face. It’s not the contestants fault but the peeps in … Continue reading

Landlord Fail…The Ongoing Saga

Here we are again. My husband, daughter, and I are once again renting a house from slumlords. I don’t know what it is about this town, but I’m about to go ape shit crazy if I feel like one more person is taking advantage of us. The whole deal too, I’m not going to half … Continue reading