I started this blog to have an outlet to fully release sarcasm, satire, humor and to have a place where I can randomly rant until my heart’s content. And sometimes I just like to tell a story.

UPDATE: I took a lot of time off from this blog and I think it’s time to give it some attention.

Lots to talk about. *Leaving Oregon. Leaving a husband, starting over and coming back home to California. Online dating experiences. Dealing with anxiety issues. Finding and earning my soul mate. Traveling the country. Adventures with the most amazing man (soul mate aka Bear) on the planet. Enjoying food (while battling not to use it like a drug) judging every food experience harshly lol…and so on.

Me in a nutshell at the moment. I write stuff. I create stuff with my Bear. I love road trips. I love food. I love my Bear and I’m not afraid to use him.

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I’m sure I’ll polish up this ABOUT section at some point.

The meaning behind humorous to heinous: Cause that’s life it’s always gonna be funny/not funny. Also refer to Erma Bombeck quote.

What’s the deal with Mud duck?…When I was 17 a not-so-nice boy called me a mud duck. I had never heard the term before, but I knew it was some sort of insult. Basically, he meant it as someone no one wants to be around cause they are deemed unattractive. So yeah, he was calling me ugly and letting me know him and his friends didn’t want to…well ya know. But he went on to say that they didn’t even want me to hang around when my own friends were hanging out with them. (What the hell were my friends doing hanging out with douchebags, right?) If you look this phrase up now on urbandictionary.com you’ll find several different definitions. I suppose in a way I’ve always felt like a mud duck: not good enough, unworthy, unwanted, and yeah sometimes ugly. I also suppose I’m still dealing with feeling like this from time to time.

Mud duck: A female with less than admirable attributes

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” ~ Erma Bombeck – AMEN




4 thoughts on “About

    • Well, you know, it’s either laugh or cry sometimes, and I would rather laugh. I find when dealing with an upsetting emotion or when generally just irritated if you let go of the emotion, either through talking, or writing it out, lets even say in a rant, that humor will ninja its way in there somehow. This may not be true for everyone of course, but I seek out humor no matter how sad or angry I am. For example: My family recently got over a heinous stomach flu, but we were able to better deal with it finding the humor, and making each other laugh. I also don’t always have to “rant” to find humor, but that’s what some of my blog posts turn into.

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