WTF Sad But True Photos OR How I Wasted My Saturday Morning #2

I couldn’t help but waste another Saturday morning skimming the internet for humorous, and absurd pictures.

I think most of us are guilty of this, myself included. Phone calls, real birthday cards, you have to put a stamp on, or even typing out a real email…YUCK! I don’t even think I have another soul’s physical address. But I know what they ate for dinner last night.

You can pretend all you want that you would never really cause another human severe physical harm, no matter how you felt about them, or what they did to you, but let’s be real. If there wasn’t any possibility on God’s green earth that you would get caught, what would you really do? I mean, I would never harm…

Yeah, when you’re putting bible quotes about purity, and light as status updates, I still remember…I still remember.

Take your ten letter+ words and shove them up your ass. Actually shove them up your condescending, ostentatious, pompous ass.

Oh, Nicolas Cage, what happened to you…what happened? Did someone hurt you…tell us…let us in.

Yeeeaaaaaaah! Not really. Humor can be found in almost anything, and that’s not a bad thing.

This one is not really “sad but true,” it’s more like “hard, but true, and just the right thing to do.” 


2 thoughts on “WTF Sad But True Photos OR How I Wasted My Saturday Morning #2

  1. I can relate. Often, what I say outloud is very different that what we think. You post reminded me of that …. And surfing for off beat funny stuff on the net to avoid what I should be doing LOL.

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