I’m Sorry You Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For, You Sick Bastard

I have seen some odd search engine terms that led people to my site. However, today the search engine section violated my eyes, and my brain. Apparently, a certain individual woke up this morning, powered up the internets, and googled, or binged, or whatever, these words ‘I got my pussy fucked when I was high on meth’–Are you fucking serious. I’m almost tempted to type this in a search engine, just to see where my site ranks with this statement. The word meth is in my blog, but you have got to be goddamn kidding me that it pops up with that mess.

I almost feel sorry for the bastard, or hell, the bastard-ette, because believe me, they did NOT find what they were looking for on this website.

I have to scratch my head on this one. I don’t understand it. I don’t want to understand it. I’m a believer in ‘to each’s own’ but something is severely wired wrong within you if A. You are someone who had this happen to them the night before, and want to know if…oh I don’t know, if it’s possible to get pregnant while you’re high on meth, or if meth protects you from venereal disease. Or B. You’re looking to see this good time on the internet. Either way. Get help.


4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry You Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For, You Sick Bastard

    • Not that I’m unaware of the mass amount of odd balls in the world, but I’m not a fan of them being led to my site. Then again, eh, whaddya gonna do. Welcome to the world wide web!

  1. I’m always surprised by the search engine terms bringing people to my site. One of the most common (?) is alcoholic drinks, which I might have mentioned — a few? — times in 1,000+posts. Too weird.

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