Evil Creatures

To be serious about my health/weight loss kick, I may have to consider counting calories and carbohydrates. Now for someone like me who loathes math in all forms, counting anything is mental torture.

If someone had a gun to my head, and started a statement with,

“Billy was at a train station…”

And ended that statement with,

“How many…”

I would yell, “Pull the fucking trigger!”

I hate math. I’ve always hated math. So what am I saying early on this Wednesday morning? Only that it’s time to bust out and dust off my calculator.


Fuck it. Who am I kidding? I’m not counting shit. I know what NOT to eat. I just have to not eat it. Done.

(P.S. Counting may work for some. Oh yeah, and this is mainly a humor blog mixed in with my truth. So shush, people who swear by counting calories.)

Yours Truly,

Hater of Numbers Big and Small

Ha ha…I knew it!


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