Kneecaps and Houses Keep Life Interesting

It has been awhile since my last post and the only excuse I have is life took over my life. Recently I spend most of my days typing out Craigslist for sale ads, I may have another post with more detail on the ridiculousness that ensues with Craigslist. I’ve been trying to sell  things I never use to help bring in some extra cash while my husband is unable to work.

Ah yes, about that. A few months ago during the time we’re getting ready to move from the location mentioned in the “Landlord Fail” posts my husband takes a tumble and shatters his kneecap. Surgery and all the what the fuck emotions soon follow. Later on I will share how he came to injure himself, which still makes me put my head in my hand in half amusement saying to myself, are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me! When I arrived to the emergency room that day, my first words to my husband were nothing like, oh honey this or that, my words were more like, what the hell, and I swear only you.

Physically we knew he wasn’t going to be able to help with our move but he has some helpful man friends and we were really looking forward to getting out of the “Landlord Fail” house. Then life added another little twist of lemon to our already sour patch.

A few days before we move to the new rental house we get a call from the owners. We’re told they just received notice that our new home may go into foreclosure. I break down. I did the ugly cry. This would be our fifth move in 2 years and all I want is to settle in a home. I want to be able to completely unpack my life. Once again I am not in the position to do so. We go ahead with the move as planned since my husband is out of work with his injury, and we are paying a greatly reduced rent while foreclosure looms over this house.

I’ve kept all the dry food in the packing boxes. I’ve organized them in the kitchen like a giant cupboard because I refuse to unpack them only to repack at an unknown date. In my face if the foreclosure drags on for a year or more. I know nothing about the time frame of such things.

There are options, perhaps we will be able to purchase this house when it goes into foreclosure, who knows. I don’t know if I even want to stay here. Spiders…to be continued.

At the moment we live in a balloon of uncertainty. And yet we’re okay. We have no real cash flow, a little bit of dwindling down savings, my husband is in a cast (purple at that, he said he picked the color because I like it…what?) and out of work, (Oregon apparently doesn’t have short term disability either…ball sack) the gas light has been on in my car for two days (let’s see how far I can stretch that bitch) my kid has been sick already about 4 times since school started in September, and we had to put my 14 year old dachshund down two weeks ago. But inside this rental house that may belong to a bank soon a day doesn’t go by without laughing our asses off. (I wish that was literal, I would love to laugh off a bit of ass)


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