Landlord Fail…The Ongoing Saga#2

Interesting. The slum… I mean landlord must really want us to peace ourselves out of this biotch. They would rather have no one here paying rent apparently, then to have basic repairs done. And now since my husband and I have become extremely annoyed with the situation, the house itself is fighting back. Yesterday I discover the kitchen sink is leaking, and various electrical outlets are working whenever they feel like it. Do you see anyone here to fix a damn thing, because I sure as h-e-double-hockey-stick don’t.

I’ve been annoyed since move in day to tell you the truth. When we first decided to rent this place, we were asked what kind of window covering we prefer. We chose curtains over blinds and the owner made note of it. Move in day arrives and my husband asks when will the window coverings get here. He is told by a dumbfounded looking owner that we’ll be providing our own. Excuse me? Why in the world did your double personality ass ask about preferences?! What set my blood on fire even more, is they gave us a new front door. Why does that make my blood boil? Because it is a half ass door. Oh it’s visually a lovely door, but half of it is a goddamn window-THAT NEEDS TO BE COVERED BY PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THE OWNER WAS PROVIDING COVERING AND NOW HAVE TO USE GHETTO METHODS! (Ghetto methods: Covering ones window with alternatives other than actual curtains, such as sheets, blankets and pillow cases.)

Well, I need to go check on my child and make sure she hasn’t been sucked in by a black hole somewhere in this house.


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