The Graveyard Shift Diaries #15

More Nightly Douchebaggery From The Past:
Many people approach my window with the air around them saying, “I am better than you.” I’ve concluded it is simply because I am behind this window and they are not. I’m sure most of them don’t have the best jobs or even a job. But at that moment when they hand me five dollars for pump 5 at 2:30 a.m. they have the power to make me feel like the loser. It’s really an odd game between myself and most of the customers. Even the crackheads and prostitutes can turn this bubble into a world looking down on me. When I was a cashier for a retail clothing store, making less money, I didn’t get treated like I failed at life. A graveyard shift has given me certain freedoms during the day, that I enjoy. Good grief, I am not the scum of the earth. No one should walk around like they’re better than anyone else in any situation. I mean come on! Who the flip are you? Did you cure a hideous disease? Did you solve world hunger? What’s that? No, you didn’t! So, perhaps you should shut your face. What is a good girl with only retail skills, trying to pay bills, and help out her parents supposed to do? I’m not pretty or skinny enough to strip and if I was I would still have to get a ta ta job, which I’m not down for. I bet they get treated better than I do in the work place.

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