Graveyard Shift Memories

At least once every two weeks someone drives off with the gas pump nozzle still in their tanks. The first time I witnessed this I thought it would be the last time as well. One fluke by someone with their head up their ass. Not the case. That is all.
Well maybe not all…
(Most of the time people would reverse from off the street and back into the station parking lot. Then remove  nozzle from their tanks and place on the ground next to the pump it came from. Get back in their car and drive off like nothing happened. Once in awhile they came to me with it in hand and said, “Uh…what do I do now?” I told them, “Actually, nothing.” That was because the station didn’t charge them. It was about $200 to replace one nozzle and it came out of the owners pocket. The best was when they kept driving and took off with it, never to be seen again. So if you ever see a car driving down the street with a gas nozzle in the tank, tell them to just go back and return it. No one is going to get arrested or beat down–it’s not that serious, but the gas station likes them back, because sometimes it can be snapped back on if it wasn’t broken.)–Or for the love of god remember where you are at and what you are doing. This is probably why some states, like where I live now, do not let customers pump their own gas.

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