Small Town Livin’ Adjustments #1

A few days ago my (current) husband (I divorced the one I speak of in the Marrying A Man I didn’t Like blogs a long time ago) came home with bear and deer meat. A friend went hunting and had so much, he was giving some away. I think I’ve had deer before at a restaurant in San Jose, California a few years ago. But bear will be a new experience. An experience I have mixed feelings about. Because guess what, I’m not sure if I’m ready to know what bear tastes like. What if lathering my taste buds in this bear carcass ruins other meat for me. I might turn into some kind of meat snob. My husband is not going out to kill a bear anytime soon. Since moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to this small coastal town in Oregon, I have been expecting the day my husband says, “C’mon baby we’re goin’ huntin.” He fully believes in living off the land. I call him my amateur survivalist. I knew what I was getting into when I met him. His room was full of book titles like, “How To Stay Alive In The Woods,” “Encyclopedia Of Country Living,” and many other outdoor, hunting, growing your own food and survival guides. I’m all for planting our own fruits, vegetables, herbs and using solar power. With grocery prices on the rise, this is as good a time as any to live off the land as much as you can. My husband is so busy working, and he needs to get a plethora of permits but I have a feeling a hunting trip is in the mail. This is a town full of hunters, so we are given extras often. F.Y.I-Elk jerky is hard and tough as hell. We bought bison from the grocery store and I made fancy stuck up burgers. I can’t afford not to like good old fashioned hamburger meat. It is the cheapest after all. Unless we get our own cows and bison, well then that would solve everything. I lost my point-oh well. Anyways, Compared to other ground meats bison is expensive, but a whole lot better for you. Well I’m off to google what is the best way to cook bear and deer meat? Yum…I guess.

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