Graveyard Shift Memories

One night a 400 lb, at least, man asks for a pack of lubricated condoms and a jar of vaseline. Behind him cleaning the windows of the car he stepped out of, is a man 120 lbs wet. These are not two guys who are going clubbin’ to score some fine female ass. I’m sincerely concerned for the little guy. I regret to inform this man, “ I’m sorry, we don’t have vaseline.” “Oh, well do you have anything else that I could use…to…um…for…uh, to make things easier?” He asks. I am just stuck, but I really want to help them. I take a good look at our products, and all I could suggest was a tube of Carmex lip balm. The Carmex motto: To soothe. To heal. To protect. He purchased two.

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