Graveyard Shift Memories

WTF I Just Have To LMAO:

It’s a seemingly average boring night, and monotony is in abundance. During a dead hour, when no cars or people seem to be out; two cars pull into the parking lot. At first glance, it’s just a baby exchange. The father hands over the precious bundle to the mother, and once she puts the baby in the car, the fun begins. A loud argument ensues. Obviously they’re not together anymore for a reason. BTW both of them are completely oblivious to me. Yelling carries on for about fifteen minutes. The man has had enough of this and gets in his car. But crazy momma is not done. This bat shit crazy woman stands behind his car. At some point she moves aside, and he for some reason, instead of backing up and driving away, backs up to the other side of the lot. Coo coo bird runs along side the car screaming like a banshee. Now mind you, the baby is now in a (I’m sure unlocked) parked car, in a dimly lit gas station, in the wee hours, far from the watch of a parental eye. Little did I know the best was yet to come. The baby daddy continues to drive the car back and forth, with the banshee keeping up, and honestly I’m keeping more of an eye on the car with the baby. But then it happens. The mother whose tubes I hope are tied, jumps on top of the hood of this moving vehicle; the car continues to move forward. I thought about calling the police, but instead I let it play out. It took about two minutes for her to jump off, and for him to finally skee skirt his tires the hell outta here. The police around here would have been upset I bothered them with such a thing anyway. This whole scene would have been a lot funnier if it wasn’t for the baby, who I’m sure has seen the inside of juvenile hall by now. Poor thing never had a chance.

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