The Graveyard Shift Diaries #7

The World Is My Bathroom: Cont…
The adventures in human waste don’t stop there. My mind snaps a little every time I have to make large piles of feces disappear. Seriously, there is an OPEN toilet waiting for you across the street. What possesses even the contributors-to-the-downfall-of-society to take a dump in a gas station parking lot. Does a sign saying, “No Fecal Dumping on the Asphalt” need to be posted. (It did, but I didn’t.)
They are like professional dump-sters, it is quite impressive. Some are done in the back. While others pull in, park in my view, open the car door, and pop a poop squat. To reach such a level of not giving a damn, is simply amazing. Since the whole lot is not lit, it’s hard to tell what sort of gift they’re leaving. Once they leave I go outside, and it only takes a few feet before I know what I’m in for.
A sign for “No Bloody Period Pads Please” is also needed. First of all, we have garbage’s, and second, the obvious across the way.

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