The Graveyard Shift Diaries #4

It blows my mind, the entitlement regular customers feel. They are the worst to deal with, and I dread them with a passion. The problem is, because they return every night, they expect to have special privileges. None of the policies that apply to other customers, apply to them in any way, shape, or form.
“Oh come on, you can let me in. You know me, I buy cigarettes from you every night. I just want to pee real quick.”
Now here’s how I see it. Just because I see you here at butt crack a.m. on a regular basis, does not mean you have never gutted another person like a fish.
“Yeah, no. Sorry. I don’t think so.” I utter.
“Yeah, you’re an ugly bitch!” Proclaims person that acted like my besty, best friend two seconds ago.
“Thank you, sir. See you tomorrow.”
Other requests from prissy regulars come in the form of wanting gas, or products that can fit through the drawer, that opens up under the tray, without paying.
“Come on, I’ll get ya later. I’ll even buy double when I come back.”
Come on, this is not “let’s make a deal” and your broke ass is not worth losing my job over.
With a sigh I say, “Sorry, but no.”
Abruptly, I hear back, “Fucking bitch!”
Awesome. Like music to my ears. Cigarettes and cigars are not only a nightly seller, but a every five minute seller. Along with the cigs, and the restrooms of course, skinny cigars called, Swisher Sweets and Black and Milds are the bane of my existence. Of course I have to ask for I.D., especially since underage teenagers are being sent by police to check on businesses. We’re told if they look under twenty seven we must ask for a valid California I.D., and no I.D. is a very firm no sale. Surprise, surprise, ten or more um…very young looking people come a night and, “forgot” or had something “tragic” happen to their I.D. It is crazy how many wallets are being stolen, left at friends houses, eaten by animals, lost in fires, and left at grocery stores. What’s really tragic, is how much verbal rape I have to stand here and take from children because it is my existence on this earth standing between them, and their addiction.

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